Dinesh Nathwani

Consultant & Hon Senior Clinical Lecturer, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr Dinesh Nathwani has been a Consultant since 2004 and has 17 years of surgical experience, 10 years of which include trauma and knee replacement surgery. He is a fellowship-trained knee surgeon having completed a computer assisted surgery and unicompartmental knee replacement fellowships in Australia. Dinesh focuses exclusively on knee reconstruction.

Opinion-leader for computer-assisted and robotic techniques

  • using technology-assisted techniques in all knee surgeries since 2004
  • expertise spanning computer navigation, customised knee replacements and more recently robotic knee surgery
  • probably the only London surgeon regularly using both types of robotic knee surgery — the Navio system, which is CT-free, and the MAKO system, which uses CT scans for planning
  • sits on design panels for the technology and gives regular lectures on the topic

Keen interest in bone-conserving knee replacement surgery

  • focus on taking as little bone and tissue as possible to get the best functional outcome
  • using technology to plan and execute the surgery with a high level of precision (within mm and 1-2 degrees of accuracy)

Specialism in sports knee reconstruction

  • treating all adults with knee injuries and conditions requiring reconstruction
  • the world’s first surgeon to implant the Biopoly focal resurfacing implant for isolated cartilage lesions
  • undertook an ethics approved trial run in five UK centres, with successful patient outcomes now up to six years
  • around 650+ implants performed since 2012


Selected projects

The robot revolution in surgery

New cartilage replacement treatment breakthrough

Cartilage patch as a way to avoid total knee replacement


More about Dinesh

Dinesh graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1991. His basic and higher surgical training was in the North West Mersey Rotation. He was appointed as Consultant & Hon Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in 2004.

His area of special interest is in knee reconstruction both acute soft tissue and bone conserving arthroplasty using Computer Navigated Surgery. He is also a member of the Orthoplastic Trauma Reconstruction primary and tertiary referral service at Charing Cross Hospital with 4 years of experience in Complex Lower Limb Trauma Reconstruction utilizing Circular External fixation methods.

Since returning from his fellowships he has continued developing the techniques of Knee reconstruction using Computer Aided techniques and has performed all of his knee replacements using the technology. He is on development panels for continuing to develop the growing technology and this is his main area of research.

He is a faculty member on several national and international knee and trauma reconstruction courses teaching to surgeons of all grades. He is a member of the British Association of Surgeons of the Knee, the British Orthopaedic Association and the 2020 Knee Group. He is one of the Co-Founders of Precision Surgery Orthopaedic Group.

I could not recommend Dinesh Nathwani highly enough. His skill as a surgeon and deployment of technology set him apart and if it were compulsory for knee surgeons to publish their operating statistics he would be at the top of the list.
— Mrs. L.K. of London, January 2018