Is knee pain holding you back? Longer, more active lives are making knee failure more common. But with the right expertise there’s much you can do to repair the problem, and get back to being your best again.

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We can make at least 70% of the diagnosis by talking to you to understand the precise history of your complaint. We also use state of the art imaging and testing to complete the picture. We aim to avoid surgery if possible by using other treatments. If surgery is necessary then we’ll work with you to make sure you’re fully prepared physically and emotionally, giving you the highest quality of care at every stage of your journey to full health.

Replacing the damaged surfaces of the knee can relieve pain, correct leg deformity and enable you to resume an active life. Depending on the condition of your knee, a total or a half knee replacement may be done. In a half knee operation, only the inner or outer half of your knee is replaced. A total knee replacement is more common.


Dinesh’s exacting approach gives the best possible chance of a great outcome. I felt incredibly reassured by his manner and ability to describe the process in as much detail as I wanted. I love that he deploys technology alongside his surgical skills ... I could not be happier with the results.
— Mrs. L. K. of London — staged bilateral partial lateral unicompartmental knee replacements using customised knee replacements,
Although I was offered other surgeons by my Insurance company, I insisted that Mr Nathwani perform my surgery. I recommend Mr Nathwani wholeheartedly. He is an incredibly talented specialist surgeon with a caring and approachable attitude.
— Mr B.C. of London — acute sports injuries to the knees four years apart, both of which required urgent soft tissue meniscal surgery
Mr Nathwani understood that I wanted to continue to be active … he and his teams are amazing people and they have improved my quality of life … because of what they do, I cannot recommend Mr Nathwani enough.
— Ms. J. B. of London — staged bilateral partial medial knee replacements using computer navigation technology and robotic surgery
A year and a half after you performed an ACL reconstruction, I stepped out on to the pitch to play in the first ever Women’s Oxford vs Cambridge rugby match at Twickenham, and in the 45 minutes I played managed to score a try. Just thought I would let you know how grateful I am...
— Miss L.G. of Cambridge University — ruptured ACL (central ligament of the knee). Made a very successful return to high-level sport in 2014
I can report brilliant progress: hardly any pain even on the day of the operation, and I am able to do my exercises well. No need for crutches. No swelling and no bruising. Very impressed.
— Mr R.K. of London — arthroscopic surgery to meniscus and cartilage (i.e. soft tissue reconstruction)
[the operation was] a total success … the support which I have received from Mr. Nathwani and TLC physiotherapy team has made it much easier, and has vastly contributed to my [recovery].
— Mr B. E. of London — partial knee replacement surgery using robot-assisted technology with the Navio system