Partial knee replacement

This involves just one side of your joint being replaced, in a smaller operation with a shorter hospital stay and recovery period. Partial knee replacements have several advantages compared to total knee replacement surgery:

1.     Conservation of bone, cartilage and ligaments. 
This is good for patients who want the knee to feel as normal as possible, such as those who want to continue sport. It is also good for those who are young (less than 65 years) and active who may wear out a total knee replacement.

2.     Smaller incision
A traditional knee replacement surgery involves an incision about 20 cm over the front of the knee. A partial knee replacement requires less than 10 cm

3.     Less blood Loss
The extent of dissection and bone removal is much smaller for a partial knee replacement, therefore the bleeding surfaces are reduced making the need for blood transfusion uncommon.

4.     Shorter recovery
It is possible to leave hospital within two to three days after a partial knee replacement. Total knee replacement requires at least two more days in hospital.

If you have severe osteoarthritis in one out of the three compartments of the knee then partial knee replacement may be right for you. It may not be right if you have ruptured knee ligaments or very advanced arthritis. Talk to us to find out more.